Father's Day Super Pack

$20 Superpack: Thanks, Dad!

by Jeremy Adam Smith Author, Tomas Moniz Author, Matte Resist Author, Erik Spellmeyer Author and Super Pack! Author

The definition of dadhood has been changing rapidly—though not fast enough for many. Help the dad or dad-to-be in your life recalibrate with this gift pack of books that will inform and inspire.  

Come to grips with the huge spectrum of fathering experiences and ideals with the help of the diverse, thoughtful contributors to the Rad Dad book. Get practical with Matte Resist's How and Why manual and manifesto for making your house into a home and raising your children to be resourceful and ethical adults. Finally, allow yourself to relax into a pastime that's no less useful or productive for being a bit of a dad stereotype with Brew It Yourself.