Breakup Remedy superpack

$25 Superpack: Breakup Remedy

by Elly Blue, Natalye Childress, Sarah Mirk and Super Pack!

Uh oh. Suddenly you're single. Maybe you saw it coming a mile away, or maybe it broadsided you. Maybe you're picking yourself up and dusting yourself off, or maybe you're lying in bed all day planning for a lifetime of solitude. Whatever way it's going, we feel ya. We've been there, too, and so have a whole lot of our writers. And we put together this selection of books to help you get yourself through this. 

Cycletherapy has all sorts of stories getting past the hard bike. Science says that repetitive exercise (like bicycling) is good for overcoming emotional trauma. Aftermath of Forever chronicles Natalye's quickfire series of dates, hookups, and thwarted romances in the wake of a messy divorce. When you're ready for it, Sex from Scratch offers perspective and sensible advice for dealing with break-ups, dealing with single-dom, and, eventually, doing dating better. And Dr. Faith Harper's zine about Defriending contains wise counsel that's applicable to break-ups of any kind of important life relationship.

Onward! We've got your back.