ruby under an umbrella on her orange bike

$20 Superpack: Get on Your Bike and Ride!

by Emilie Bahr Author, Elly Blue Author, Juls Generic Author and Super Pack! Author

So, you've been planning to start bicycling ... or maybe you've already started and have a ton of questions. Or maybe you've been riding for a while and are hungry for more bike skills and knowledge. This power pack of books + zines is for you, containing a hefty dose of information, encouragement, perspective, and motivation. If you want to bike, you can. 

Urban Revolutions is urban planner's Emilie Bahr's love song to cycling. She poured into its pages everything she knows and loves about bike transportation, from background on how and why bikes became so popular in US cities to tips for safe, fun riding while keeping up a professional appearance, to the story of cycling in her home city of New Orleans (and even a cyclist's guide to Mardi Gras!). Everyday Bicycling is Elly Blue's friendly nuts and bolts guide to bicycle transportation for normal people with busy lives, including the need to transport everything from kids to lumber to cupcakes. And we'll also throw in a couple zines: Stoked on Spokes is a classic, comprehensive guide to all things bike, from fixing a flat to building a bike community. And we'll choose you an issue of Elly's Taking the Lane feminist bike zine, jam packed with diverse perspectives on all things bike.