a photo of a dense shelf of zines

Zine Subscription (Six months)

by Various Author

Want a package of four to five zines every month that's tailored exactly to your peculiar and wild tastes? We'd love to set you up.

Just like our BFF subscription, if you'd like to support our publishing projects and mission, we can help you do that with the subscription program!

Choose between two options:

- New zine subscription! Get all our new zines as they come out. Every month, we publish zines on a surprisingly wide variety of topics; get them all! (If there are subjects that we publish that are outside of your interests, tell us what you are interested in, so we can send you older zines when we have an incompatible month)

- Special interest zine subscription! Use the "order notes" field on checkout to tell us subjects that you are interested in (as well as any topics you would not be interested in) and we will custom-tailor a selection of zines for you each month, giving you at least 20% more than you paid for!

Postage is included in the cost.