banana peppers - vegan gourmet chef superpack

$25 Superpack: Be Your Own Damn Gourmet Vegan Chef

by Cecilia Granata Author, Joshua Ploeg Author, Super Pack! Author and Raffaella Tolicetti Author

Looking for inspiration and acclaim in the kitchen? Learn from some of our best cookbook authors whose mad cheffing skills will amaze you, as you learn to work magic, for yourself, your date, or a whole crowd of hungry people with keen taste buds. Think! Eat! Act! is a masterpiece of recipes and information by Raffaella Tolicetti, a self-taught chef on a Sea Shepherd boat. She'll show you the ropes, whether you need to keep a boatload of activists fueled up through a stormy blockade or just need to propel yourself through your stormy work week. This Ain't No Picnic is Joshua Ploeg's punk rock collection of brightly-colored, no holds barred recipes that break all flavor rules, to everyone's benefit. And Mama Tried is Cecilia Granata's vegan adaptation of the traditional Italian classics she grew up eating, paired with flash art because of course they are. Between the three books, you'll develop a range of basic and fancy recipes to cook for any need, all senza sofferenza.