andrew garfield wearing an it gets better shirt

$20 Superpack: It Gets Better

by Nicole Georges Author, Ariel Gore Author, Super Pack! Author and Robert Wildwood Author

Need some grown-up, well-adjusted queer role models in your life? We hear you. This superpack gathers together a bunch of awesome queer adults who more or less have their shit together and have written (or drawn!) these candid and relatable books their everyday lives. They're not here to tell you how to live, just to tell you how *they've* lived, mistakes, joys, struggles, successes, the works. Sometimes all we need is a window into someone else's life to gain perspective and keep on going. Ariel Gore's All the Pretty People is a coming-of-age story, a queer love tale and beyond that, a story about complicated adult lives. Alive with Vigor compiles a wide variety of stories about how people survived their own adventurous lives. Invincible Summer #2 is Nicole Georges's diary comic about everyday life—work, life, love, small dogs, the works. And Shut Up and Love the Rain compiles comics about many facets of queer life. Good stuff. Read all this to help understand your own life, your kid's or friend's or parent's, or just to learn more about the complicated world we live in. Onward!