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$25 Superpack: Men's Studies

by Joe Biel Author, Joseph Carlough Author, Dr. Faith G. Harper Author, Super Pack! Author and Sean Tejeratchi Author

Every day, the news and our own lives bring strange tales of aggressive and bizarre behavior by overlords and underdogs alike. The connecting thread: masculinity, and various ideas about what that means, how that should be expressed, and what sometimes happens when these ideas are threatened or attempts are made to redefine them. We've put together a book and a stack of zines for reading up on this topic and coming to your own conclusions. 

Manspressions is your guide to decoding not just men's behavior, but the language of the patriarchy at large. Within this big picture landscape of masculinity, we offer three case studies to consider: The Life of Lee Harvey Oswald shares the troubled internal life and background of one of the most infamous men in history. Bamboozled profiles a man who received many chances and proceeded to screw them all up. And bizarrest of all, Kool Man is a thick case study of a 90s zinester who behaved in a creepy, strange, and culturally illuminating way.

Clear your mind with some helpful guide-zines: Because anger is one of those hallmarks of troubled masculinity, This is Your Brain on Anger is a brain science look at why we humans get so angry and what we can do about it. Because relationships are especially complicated by our cultural baggage about manhood, the Beginner's Guide to Responsible Sexuality for Men is a concise little guide for heterosexual guys who want to do it better, though we can all probably learn something from this.