al burian drawn by himself

$30 Superpack: Burn Collector

by Al Burian Author and Super Pack! Author

Al Burian is a longtime creator of literary and personal zines. Here's a collection of Al's Microcosm-published works, including his early comix Things Are Meaning Less, the 14th and 15th issues of the long-running Burn Collector zine, and Xerography Debt #30, the quintessential zine about zines, which features an essay and zine reviews by Al. Also includes Al's newest book, No Apocalypse

If you're into drinking coffee, thinking thoughts, walking around, and being young and alienated and into punk rock, and whether you're wondering what zines are all about, or want to cozy up in a blanket of 90s zine-ness, or just want something to read on the train or bus, dig in.