Patch #127: Slingshot Woman

Patch #127Slingshot Woman

by Eric Drooker


avatar eyeheart48 3/11/2009

I love how this depicts a strong female, very inspiring.

Gwen 5/9/2007

I love a female David slaying the "giants" and with such grace and style too.

Nagoozle 5/23/2006

Finally a woman with real arms!

spine 5/18/2006

I like this concept. For a second I had to take a close look at it, because at first she appears to have a near perfect body and I was thinking how that seems to be unnatainable to some women, but as I continued to look I noticed the large calve muscles and the strength in her arms, and she is just indeed healthy and fit! I love it.

kelly 11/15/2005

my friend made a stencil of this image and everywhere he sprayed it, the slingshot was pointing torwards a large coorporation. like McCdonalds and others.

joce 8/3/2005

I am absolutly in love with this picture, it shows that she's fighting back, and she does it with such grace..