Dove poster

by Cristy Road

Another poster from Cristy Road screaming for peace! New version on better stock, with better printing!
*Have your poster shipped in a Poster Tube for extra protection! Posters not shipped in tubes will be folded in half for packaging and are more subject to wear while shipping.



i love this hangs on a wall in every place i ever call home.


well, i for one think this is purdy.


ps - what makes you think the same drawing wouldn't have possibly happened with another president? God, people just think too hard about stuff they didn't even make. Roll a J!


It's a damn near privilege to think that things wouldn't have been better with a slightly different government. I guess some folks don't gotta worry about abortions and welfare. oh well!


I'm not sure what I think about this one. This almost seems to suggest that voting works and that things would have actually changed if Kerry won.




How about something similar in a sticker? I love the billboard.