Age of Selfishness: Ayn Rand, Morality, and the Financial Crisis

by Darryl Cunningham and Michael Goodwin

Tracing the emergence of Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objectivism in the 1940s to her present-day influence, Darryl ...

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Radical Mycology (book): A Treatise on Seeing and Working with Fungi

by Peter McCoy

Interwoven with short essays on the lessons of the fungi, Radical Mycology begins with chapters that explore the ...

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Mandalas For Meditation: Scratch-off Nightscapes

Calming mandalas designed just for you to unplug and scratch off, revealing a beautifully relaxing design. Humans have ...

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God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction

by Dan Barker

He's worse than Sauron or Hannibal Lecter or Freddy Kruger. In terms of fictional villains, the old testament God ranks ...

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Overcoming Speechlessness: A Poet Encounters the Horror in Rwanda, Eastern Congo, and Palestine/Israel

by Alice Walker

While working with Women for Women International, Alice Walker traveled to Rwanda and the eastern Congo and ...

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Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon: A Guide to the State's Best Waterfall Hikes

by Adam Sawyer

Complete with maps, pictures of the location, the hike's difficulty, elevation and whatever else you might need to know ...

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Now Playing: A Seek-and-Find Book For Film Buffs

by Alexandre Clerisse

In this seek-and-find book, you can search for famous directors and film characters in an engaging, crowded depiction ...

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That Cat Book Coloring Book: Inspiring Change through Meditative Coloring

by Lilly Perrott

Several intricate black and white depictions of your favorite felines and their silly antics. Slow down whatever you're ...

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10 True Tales: FBI Heroes (slightly damaged)

10 stories about real life FBI agents and stuff they've done that the author finds heroic. Written for kids considering ...

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24 postcards with timeless quotes infiltrated by the modern language which can be inferred within them. Proven to be ...

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My Life as a Redhead: A Journal

by Jacky Colliss Harvey

If you're a redhead on the quest to self-actualization, ready to leave behind the stigmas and offensive stereotypes ...

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by David Scherer Water

David Scherer Water believes that, because Olympia has had to fight in the past to stay as the state capital, the city ...

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Nude Sketchbook, The: Learn the Art of Drawing from the Masters

by Roly Allen

This sketchbook has plenty of space for you to draw, but also contains old classics of the human form by Michelangelo, ...

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The Warren Commission Report

by ernie colon, jerzy drozd and dan mishkin

Within days of the murder of President John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson appointed a seven-member commission to ...

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Economix: How Our Economy Works (and Doesn't Work)

by Dan E. Burr and Michael Goodwin

With clear, witty writing and quirky, accessible art, this important and timely graphic novel transforms "the ...

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by Derf Backderf

Every week we pile our garbage on the curb and it disappears—like magic! The reality is anything but, of course. ...

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Ada Twist, Scientist

by Andrea Beaty and David Roberts

Like her classmates, builder Iggy and inventor Rosie, scientist Ada, a character of color, has a boundless ...

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Why I March: Images from the Woman's March Around the World

On January 21, 2017, five million people in 82 countries and on all seven continents stood up with one voice. The ...

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On the Loom: A Modern Weaver's Guide

by Maryanne Moodie

In On the Loom, Maryanne Moodie brings the ancient art of weaving to the modern day in a comprehensive guide packed ...

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Annie Diggs poster

by Emi Gennis

“It has been said that the biggest man in the Populist Party of Kansas today is a woman,” wrote The ...

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Words & Guitar #1: Choosing the Right Guitar

by William Swanson

Many beginning or would-be musicians have a lot of questions about how to choose a guitar. They want to ask a seasoned ...

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Haskell Indian Industrial Training School poster

by Lana Grove

Haskell Indian Nations University began as the U.S. Indian Industrial Training School. It was one of the ...

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Dockum Drug Store Sit-In poster

by Cheyenne Garrison

In 1958, Carol Parks Hahn and Ron Walters, two Wichita NAACP youth leaders, decided to protest segregation of ...

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Young Lords Organization poster

by Ricardo Levins Morales

The Young Lords Organization was born in 1968 when a Puerto Rican Chicago street gang turned to political ...

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Star Wars Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

by Tim Leong

Graphic design guru Tim Leong presents Star Wars trivia in an all-new way—through playful pie charts, bar graphs, ...

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Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting and Understanding the Wonders of the Natural World

by Gordon Grice

Exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home. Cabinet of ...

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The Book of Spells

by Nicola de Pulford

This longtime Barron’s best seller has been updated, given a handsome new cover, and set in an attractive new ...

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The Secrets of High Magic

by Francis Melville

The great magicians, alchemists, and other masters of high magic may no longer be among us, but their wisdom remains ...

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Plants of the Devil

by Corinne Boyer

Over time, certain types of plants have been the muse to countless folklore pertaining to their use by Satan ...

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Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

by Judika Illes

The author of the popular Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells and Encyclopedia of Spirits now explores the ...

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