Sticker #227: Your car door is a deathtrap

Sticker #227Your car door is a deathtrap

by Jerry Business


jerry 7/4/2008 is finally back up. It's not quite fully functional yet, but getting there!

Jerry business 6/22/2008

I'm working on getting back up. I know it's been a while. Life got in the way and I got attacked heavy with spam last time I had the site up. I'm working on an improved platform that will be more like a wiki. with any luck it will be back up around sept 2008.

2wheeltranz 5/9/2007

I thought most people just ride a little further away from parked m.v.'s so this won't happen.

jerry 6/5/2006

Yeah the site was messed up for the last few months.. ..I have it back up and running! Thanks for the heads up rollerbirdie!

rollerbirdie 1/14/2006

Jerry: That URL forwards to a parked domain named CARDOORDEATHTRAP.COM for some reason.
Ride There.

jerry 11/1/2005

Thanks for checking out the sticker! If you get a minute go to and read about cardoor accidents from around the globe...and if you have a story please send it to me and i'll post it up...ride smart!

LaLa 10/24/2005

Wow. My dad almost lost his leg because of a very similar incident to the one depicted in this sticker.