Sticker #063: One Less Car

Sticker #063One Less Car

by Joe Biel



Jessica 10/16/2007

can't we all just get along? - born and raised in Portland Oregon

Joe 8/16/2007

I think I am the only person ever to be involved with Microcosm who is truly FROM the midwest. One of out several dozen. Just wanted to clear that up. Can't have the midwest smeared with all of this false association.

jimw 4/25/2006

Not YET, alex. Also, I think the grammar "mistake" merely reflects the midwestern roots/dialect of many people involved in Microcosm.

steve baltimore 3/8/2006

anonymous 8/4/2005

...fewer! :(

alex 1/28/2005

Isn't zaphod supposed to have a space ship and not a bicycle? These are not space ship sized stickers!

Cory 1/26/2005

Nope, it fits great on a bicycle.

Zaphod 1/14/2005

wait... is that a bumper sticker?