Sticker #137Mass Transit

by Joe Biel



one time i was riding critical mass and an ambulance came up behind us. it was a two-lane road, and all the bikers slipped between parked cars or went onto the sidewalk to let them by. if the road had been filled with cars, the ambulance would not have been able to pass.


I have a comment, ROSG. Cars use less gas when idling, smart guy. I only drink my grandmothers coffee which is cheap as fuck. And I'm not from Nashville, so I can't give you an answer for their behavior. It IS sad that someone died. How many people die for your gas tank, big guy?



Is this where all the bike folk rise up and ride slow as shit down the middle of a normally smooth running thourofare. If so I have some facts for you . Open minded people you are you should listen and remember what your preaching. Cars when idling ( not moving but running... say...because of a ton of smartass old school ten speed riders slowing traffic at 5 on a friday just to just to scream Anarchy and then sip Lattes for 4 bucks a pop at the local coffe house to buy the owner a new fucking Volvo ...) use up more gas and emit stronger fumes than when traveling appropriat speeds. Some of you did this in Nashville and jammed up traffic on Hillsboro rd for hours...some child died in an ambulance becuase they could not find a route to the hospital....Any comments? Oh yeah I own a bike....Oh yeahI also own a gigantic truck with a gas chipper for grinding up trees that fall on your house and crush the roof, after your landlord calls me and PAYS me to come clean it up so you can sleep under a roof instead of in a wet house. Any comments?