Sticker #031: You Are Not Truly Alive

Sticker #031You Are Not Truly Alive

This is a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. I think you can find a lot more meaning in life if you are willing to lose it all for one thing.


Nate 3/13/2008

I have this on my guitar case! I love it.

PhatDub20v 8/19/2006

This is touchy. But my opinion is, in the big picture ... very few things are ACTUALLY worth dying for.

pup 2/12/2006

Genderqueer kid,
"willing to die for" something and "wants to die" for something are two totally different statements. Example, I don't want to die for my family but I am willing, that would not be foolish. Passion for something other than apathy is a good thing.

RandomHero 8/22/2005

This is my favorite quote of all time!

genderqueer kid 2/19/2005

For balance, it was from Catcher In The Rye, and went something like this... "the foolish [person] wants to die valiantly for a cause. The wise [person] wants to live humbly for one."

Alex 12/20/2004

One of my all-time favorite quotes. Nice to see it on a sticker!