Sticker #025: Racism is a Fear Of Other Cultures

Sticker #025Racism is a Fear Of Other Cultures

by Joe Biel



Ish 5/23/2008

"Racism is a fear of other cultures." true...I think that there should be one supreme race however....and that should be the HUMAN RACE

Phase-X-807 2/2/2007

Racsists are no more than insecure people who need to think that there are people below them.

Missy 1/26/2007

Race also does not biologically exist. It's the product of the fear that we've become so comfortable in.

adri 11/27/2006

racism is the fear that u have with in you that makes you hate others in order to love yourself

PhatDub20v 8/19/2006

Race is subjective.

Anti-Racist 1/11/2006

Racism is just an excuse for people with higher power to make them selfs feel good by showing them they have power!!

john 12/28/2005

so is xenophobia

anonymous 9/28/2005

Actually, racism is a system designed to create power & privilege for a small group of white people, and to keep everyone else at each others' throats.

dane 7/19/2005

No shit?

anti-bigot 6/20/2005

I feel racism is a lack of knowlede

Kaydee 5/29/2005

Actually, Racism is a Knowledge of other cultures.