Sticker #173: I like to waste gas and run over children! Hummer

Sticker #173I like to waste gas and run over children! Hummer

by Alex Hempton


Kendall 10/16/2008

Someone tried to pull this one off my car! Fortunately it had been on for so long that it was basically baked on to the window.

Boone 9/4/2007

I heart tommy.

tommy 3/31/2007

there was a man who ran over his kid as he backed his hummer out of his driveway in i think it was tracy, california or somewhere around there. but anyway, yeah i think there is really not that much difference between a hummer and a compact stick-shift hybrid coup. (or, god forbid, something running on the automobile companies' new love, ethanol) car-centered society means fatter people, bad mobility for the poor and the elderly and youth, daily life risking for those who resist it, way too much land wasted for private yards and parking lots, more segregation, less casual interaction with people different from yourself, use of public places..

heart 2/10/2007

this would go perfectly on my bike!!

face 1/29/2007

i have three of these. one on my binder, one on my bike, and one on the back of my "car."

boycott the hummer!!!!!

Crazy Lacey 1/14/2007


Cindy 10/27/2006

What is the point? Makes NO sense. Ignorant people find this a good idea. Ignorant! You could apply this logic to a lot of vehicles. Get real!

Hiller Goodspeed 9/17/2006

Make this in bumper sticker form for easy visibility. It's an awesome idea but unless the car behind it can read it, it's no good.

Genny 5/14/2006

Greatest Sticker I've ever seen

daneda 4/21/2006

i LOVE this sticker

zingtop 4/12/2006

Good to carry a few in your messenger bag, to stick on the backs of those things when you see 'em.

nicole 3/15/2006

I showed this to my dad and he said "I heard that's going to be the new republican platform"

anonymous 9/8/2005

Need to do a T-shirt of this!

jennifer 6/19/2005

is this coming back? coz I was thinking about buying a couple and defacing some of these fuckers some day.

giselle 4/28/2005

You should send this to Arnold Schwarzenegger; he's very proud of driving his hummer

Jonas 3/7/2005

I wish you would make this with the same typeface of the H2: HUMMER logo. It would make it look like it came with that stupid car.