Sticker #089: Wanted: Christopher Columbus

Sticker #089Wanted: Christopher Columbus

by Joe Biel

Grand theft. Genocide. Racism. Rape. Torture. Destruction of an entire c

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Sticker #098: Fascism

Sticker #098Fascism

by Joe Biel

This sticker defines fascism: "Concentrated private control of wealth, control of information, massive ...

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Sticker #059: Freedom of Speech

Sticker #059Freedom of Speech

by Joe Biel

There's a ticket price for being heard. 

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Sticker #101: Gentrification is

Sticker #101Gentrification is

by Joe Biel

.. the destruction of a community when it is referred to as "development". It is characterized by adding things like ...

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Sticker #050: Standardized Healthcare

Sticker #050Standardized Healthcare

by Joe Biel

Republicans will be quick to tell you that the national debt is a result of welfare mothers leeching off of the system. ...

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Sticker #043: Fight Patriotism

Sticker #043Fight Patriotism

by Joe Biel

We've all got battles to fight.

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Sticker #171: Roll Up Cars

Sticker #171Roll Up Cars

by Andy Singer

You get the idea. Roll it up. Get it out of here. 

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Sticker #113: Price of Oil

Sticker #113Price of Oil

by Andy Singer

The cost is too high. 

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Sticker #120: Fuck Cars

Sticker #120Fuck Cars

 Let's steamroll the problem and find a new use for the scrap metal. 

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Sticker #165: First Illegal Immigrants

Sticker #165First Illegal Immigrants

by Andy Singer

 No green cards? No Visas?? I'm sorry but we need to see some identification. 

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Sticker #096: Wal Mart

Sticker #096Wal Mart

by Zack Hyde

 And even less for the world's sweatshop workers who supply their crap products! 

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Sticker #028: American Dream Becomes the Worlds Nightmare

Sticker #028American Dream Becomes the Worlds Nightmare

by Mike Crema

"The American dream has become the world's nightmare." In so many ways, sticker, in so many ways.

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Sticker #062: If Schools were Funded as well as the Military

Sticker #062If Schools were Funded as well as the Military

by Joe Biel

A child's post secondary plan shouldn't be to go kill people. 

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Sticker #093: Noam Chomsky Quote

Sticker #093Noam Chomsky Quote

by Noam Chomsky

"The more you increase fear of drugs, crime, welfare mothers, immigrants, and aliens, the more you control all of the ...

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Sticker #082: Resist

Sticker #082Resist

by Matte Resist

Resist because compliance is not an option.

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Sticker #074: More Shopping Malls than High Schools

Sticker #074More Shopping Malls than High Schools

by Joe Biel

And don't get us started on the funding disparity. 

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Sticker #066: TV Transmitters Require Passive Recievers

Sticker #066TV Transmitters Require Passive Recievers

by Joe Biel

Don't become a zombie watching your favorite zombie flick. 

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Sticker #077: Vote Republican

Sticker #077Vote Republican

by Joe Biel

Sometimes stereotypes are true...

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Sticker #178: First Amendment

Sticker #178First Amendment

by Joe Biel

A good little reminder to have with you at all times. Stick it somewhere, educate others. 

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Sticker #056: 1.3 Billion People Could Be Fed

Sticker #0561.3 Billion People Could Be Fed

by Sparky Taylor

Meat and dairy based diets starve the world. 

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Pin #002: Critical Mass

Pin #002Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a bike ride on the last Friday of every month in cities around the world! Critical Mass events ...

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Pin #003: Bikes Not Bombs

Pin #003Bikes Not Bombs

 We propose this fine alternative to explosive, alienated, long-distance warfare.

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