Every Car a Murder, Every Bike a Love Affair T-Shirt

by Liz Simmons

These shirts are printed on reused t-shirts (i.e. not new; worn by someone else before you). This is a way to use ethical t-shirts and still keep them affordable. Keep this in mind when ordering. Colors vary on all reused t-shirts. If you want a specific color of a new shirt other than the one shown let us know and we might be able to help you out.



liz printed up one of these shirts for me and I am very satisfied--very nice quality, yet still unique with each t-shirt printing. bravo.


I printed the shirts on men and women's used shirts. that means that they aren't quite as "unisex" as they would be if they were all standardized. If you want more of a "women's style" of shirt (more fitted) let them know when ordering. (and XS is the equivalent of a youth large for most of them).