Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man Book

by John Porcellino

When he was a young man, comics artist John Porcellino worked five seasons as an exterminator - a mosquito abatement man - and wrote about his on the job experiences in his award winning, self published zine, King Cat. Now, this book collects all the Mosquito Abatement Stories that appeared in King Cat between 1989 and 1999 (many of which previously unseen by human eyes), as well as over 30 pages of new material done especially for this volume. From the raw, spontaneous, punk-inspired energy of the early strips to the gentler, more reflective lyricism of the later ones, this book chronicles John's difficult path from a nihilistic belief in the meaninglessness of life to a deep respect for the world as it is, and an acceptance of his place in it.



John Porcellino is one of the quiet geniuses of comics. While he maintains a diy self-publishing ethic, his work is widely respected in the comics community. His artwork is simple and beautiful.