He, Her, Him: Free, Fer, Frim. zine

He, Her, Him: Free, Fer, Frim. zine

by Adrian Prawns Sinclair Author

This playful and musical comic follows Han Majazi as Han enters elementary school. Han is a Firloy, neither girl nor boy. Watch as others assume Han is either a girl or a boy and dump the appropriate gender baggage on Han. Will anyone understand Han? Will Han find an accepting friend or have to perform a certain gender to fit in? Simply put, Adrian Prawns Sinclair has beautifully crafted a great way for little kids and grown-up kids to grasp gender/ transgender issues. Included are some brief but interesting notes regarding Finnish and other language takes on gender. Illustrations by Sylvie Ls. with additional music by Juls Generic."Whoever you are only you know inside. So never let someone else decide. You are who you are and that's nothing to hide." --Tereese the Faerie



    so sweet... and super subversive...a perfect combo!


    best children's zine ever.