Hey, 4-Eyes #3: A Zine About Glasses

Hey, 4-Eyes #3: A Zine About Glasses

by Robyn Chapman Author

A limited edition zine about glasses and the people who wear them! The covers are wrap-around screenprinted, with spray-painted inner covers. The insides are offset printed on off-white paper with 7 of the pages in full color. Content-wise, the zine is just as intricate as its aesthetics. There are comics like a history of glasses, or Hilary Florido's take on fighting a kid with glasses. Alec Longstreth does an in-depth interview with Harry and the Potters about their eyewear and more. Editor Robyn Chapman interviews Chicago's Scott Urban about his profession: making wooden eyeglass frames. Jim Medway provides an essay on the bespectacled comic character Colonel Blink, and C. Frakes has drawn a comic fairy tale about the gift of sight. Hey 4-Eyes is a great read. Pick up this extra-special zine and see for yourself.

Comments & Reviews


I don’t need glasses, but I wear them anyway, so I love this zine. Absolutely loved the interview with John Urban. His comment about yuppies buying his glasses to look edgy made me laugh out loud, caterpillar speaking ill of butterfly and all. Highly recommended for my Valencia Street sisters and brothers. Kisses!


I wear glasses, and I love this zine! A bit pricey, but if you're interested in the subject, it's definitely worth buying. Issues #1 and #2 are great as well.