Bicycles Allowed Full Lane T-shirt

Bicycles Allowed Full Lane T-shirt

by Randy Albright

A reference to the law in many states for bikes to occupy an entire lane of traffic for safety. Please reference your local state law.Some sizes of this t-shirt are also available in a ringer style (a ring at the collar and end of each sleeves) which run about one size larger than the regular style and are not as fitted. *** THIS SHIRT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. ONCE WE SELL OUT IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER! *** Fittings: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 XX-Large Chest 48



    I love this shirt so much! Thanks for having such awesome stuff!


    I think there are people who are good at riding bikes, and people who are bad at riding bikes, but I have to say that the majority of the driving public sees a car as just another piece of regularly-updatable equipment that they can "pimp-out" instead of what it is - a fine tuned MACHINE. That can weigh more than two tons! Meanwhile, I am on a racing bike zooming along and through traffic in my rural college town while people honk and flash their lights at me, as if startling me will somehow HELP theirs or my concentration.


    i must say, i do agree with braunj, though. I live and bike in NYC and as much as i admire messengers and others for being able to maneuver they way they do through our traffic, i can't help but disagree with running red lights and dodging the traffic with the right of way. If police and drivers see bikers as wreckless riders, our justified arguments for riders rights will fall on deaf ears and we will never get the respect and proper treatment we deserve.


    I was riding critical mass today and some lady was yelling at us and telling us that we were breaking the law. I proceeded to shout to her, "Read the California Vehicular Code! CVC 21202 says that bikes are allowed use of a full lane!" I wish I was wearing this shirt then.


    Yeah, reminds me of when I was working as a courier and got in a verbal conrontation with a lady driving her SUV and talking on her cell-phone. I was sitting at the light and she was turning right on red into a cross walk full of people who had the right of way honking her horn and yelling at the people to move. I told her she was turning right on red and that the cross walk had the right of way and her response was "WELL THAT DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE CAN JUST WALK OUT IN THE ROAD IN FRONT OF ME!!"


    Considering they can cause a lot more damage, maybe people driving cars should be the ones to stop running lights, ignoring people in cross-walks, and generally being morons? sweet shirt.


    Hey, no problem. If bikes stop splitting lanes, running lights, ignoring people in cross-walks, and generally being sancimonious morons I'll be glad to share the road.


    Ok, so this is the greatest shirt EVER, but have you ever thought about sublimating it onto a jersey?


    will the shirt generally come in the color of the picture to the left? (in general yes, all shirts come in the color shown with occasional exceptions)


    woot woot! this shirt roxorz

    90% of the time the shirt comes in the color shown unless specified otherwise. Sometimes we have a shirt that is reprinted on a new color with some of the old color left in cetain sizes.