Fuck Cars  T-shirt

Fuck Cars T-shirt

by Andy Singer

*** THIS SHIRT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. ONCE WE SELL OUT IT WILL BE GONE FOREVER! *** The black shirts have white ink. The charcoal shirts have white ink. Fittings: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 X - Large Chest 44 XX-Large Chest 48



    i'm 27. never had a driver's license. fuck cars.


    Amen! I hate cars.


    The blood of transportation minorities indelibly stains the radial-belted all-terrain tires of the imperialist oppressor car culture! Death to moderation! Never grow up! 21 y.o. guys who believe nothing is more important than that folks pay attention to THEM will love this shirt! I love this shirt -- but I'd be laughing at myself the whole time I wore it.


    The way I see it, the worst response the word fuck can get is a shaking head or frown or maybe a good talking to. Nothing I haven't experienced before. This shirt's worth it.


    hey siue - fuck you!

    if you fucking want to fight the battle for the fucking word fuck, go the fuck ahead. personally, id fucking rather let it slide, doing work with people from a broad spectrum of communities instead of just a fucking bunck of angry punk rockers is actually fucking important to me. i respect the fuck out of anyone who wants to wear a shirt with fuck on it, ive fucking done so myself sometimes, but where im at in my life right now it would be an impediment to me in certain areas of my life where i want to build community rather than fucking alienate people.

    microcosm can make whatever the fuck shirts it fucking wants, thats fucking fine. im just fucking saying, some folks here would love to wear the image in some places where they dont feel comforatable wearing the word fuck.

    and peoples comfort levels are their own fucking business.

    whether you give a fuck, i guess, i up to you.


    I have to say, I would sooner quit Microcosm than take "Fuck Cars" off the shirt. I have a real problem with people having a problem with swear words. In this day and age, with so much state violence in so many forms, with the human race proving itself to be overflowing with assholes, I am going to defend my right to say strong words against such things. And I am going to challenge you for thinking that removing the word "fuck" from something is worth anyone's energy OR will make the world a better place. Words are funny things. They are equally meaningful and meaningless. Who decided that "fuck" was a "bad" word. Why is "darn" not a bad word? I have a lot more I could rant about this subject but I will leave it for now :)
    Yours in fucking solidarity, Siue
    ps. We have a "roll up cars" sticker for those of you don't like the fuck.


    Yes, please, come up with a version of this shirt with only the graphic.


    I would buy this shirt with the graphic only. The language is not appropriate for all situations.


    we got pulled over on a critical mass, and the cop tried to say the same bullshit about how he agrees with what were doing... the point is, sangpub, if you agree with this, then stop being a tool of the state that makes people feel that cars are a necesity for every day life. fuck the state.

    p.s. that "spambot is confusing as shit.


    I used to work with elementary school kids in a small community, I wouldn't have worn this shirt in public there, but I would have wanted to have it on, graphic only, to spread the message without the "innapropriate language". same message, just less offensive.


    I love the shirt but would like to see one with just the graphic.


    Cool shirt!


    I'm a policeman, but an avid bike rider. This shirt rocks!


    Any possibility of a less vulgar statement on a similar graphic? Because I don't really want to make a statement if it offends people.


    Any possibility of a less vulgar statement on a similar graphic? I'd like to wear this shirt everywhere, not just my average liberal coffeeshop.


    sStraight graphic. A car killed my friend last year.