Dumpster Makeout T-Shirt

by Cristy Road

This shirt is limited—to one more! This shirt is very old and may have been put in compromising situations. We suggest wash before wearing. Fittings: X-Large Chest 44


avatar anthropophagus 10/16/2009

Its so comfy...and it actually fits...
thank you, I feel normal because of this.

(I'm pocket sized, clothes that fit without re-sewing are the biggest deal ever to me)

Jenny 6/18/2008

This was my favorite shirt and I wore it all the time. But i washed it wrong one day and it shrunk so I sewed the picture on my bike pack!

anarkopeacpunx 12/15/2007

My girlfriend is getting this for Capitalmas, and she always talks about doing this...so a little incentive, haha. Seriously though, I can't wait to see her face when she gets it!!

lauren 9/12/2007

my absolute favorite shirt! thanks!

Andy 8/8/2007

I just got this shirt and it has quickly become my favorite

sara 7/10/2007

i bought this shirt and i love it so much, i can't stop wearing it.

Becky 6/15/2007

I am incredibly excited to get this tshirt!

Linley 2/10/2007

i got this shirt a while ago and it's seriously one of my favorites.

Tripp 2/5/2007

I would love this as a poster.

alex money burner 12/4/2006

this is the sexiest shirt i have ever seen...i hope to one day journey to the depths of the streets and make out with my gf in a dumpster

geester 7/24/2006

Nothing better than finding someone to makeout with... well... fresh food and a vibrator maybe.

seanie 4/12/2006

Best shirt ever! I love the colors and detail!

anonymous 4/6/2006

The angles are not correct on this shirt, and it drives me insane.

Paulina 2/22/2006

This is by far the most comfortable shirt I own. And not to mention I just-so-happen to be wearing it while I kissed someone dumpster diving! He found it rather amusing =)Thank You!!

thea? 2/8/2006

this. shirt. makes. me. happy.

Smile Inducer 12/26/2005

I've seen few t-shirt designs that surpass this.

beck_me! 10/3/2005

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this a shirt. Sniff, you really do care!

spencer 9/29/2005

Great design, very romantic

chris 8/27/2005

I bought this shirt and tried it on. MEGA COMFORT.! This shirt wins hands-down in the comfort competition.

Chrissy 6/13/2005

I had previously purchased this print on the postcards and was excited to see it avalible on a t-shirt. I now have the shirt and LOVE it! It's one of my new microcosm favorites!!