A Flying Mailbox Sweatshirt

A Flying Mailbox Sweatshirt

by Keith Rosson

After much careful deliberation, we decided to make some 13th anniversary sweatshirts. It's something that we've talked about and wanted for a long time. Unfortunately, it's very hard to find fair trade, American made sweatshirts. Even most of the companies that generally make their products ethically cannot make "cost effective" sweatshirts in the US. So eventually we decided to go with American Apparel as our best option. To be "down" we are selling them for about half of what American Apparel sells them for blank! They are super snuggly and comfortable. The front is on the right side so your messenger bag strap dosen't cover it up!XS 13-3/4" SM 15-3/4" MED 17-3/4" LG 19-3/4" XL 21-3/4" 2X 23-1/4" Printed by our friends at Shout Out Loud Prints!



Best graphic ever, wear it all the time...