Who Would Jesus Bomb? T-Shirt

by Joe Biel

This shirt is limited edition and in its final printing! Once they're gone - they're gone! Now available in camo!Fittings: X-Small Chest 24 Small Chest 30 Medium Chest 36 Large Chest 40 X - Large Chest 4.  Our XS size is a Women's Medium, and our S is a Women's XL.


avatar Darren 4/7/2009

I love the inclusion of the dollar image on it. Because it shows that like... the bombs are... monetary. And if Jesus were to drop money from heaven, theeeen we'd all be free?

Ooooh no wait I forgot, all college art students use the image of the dollar bill to represent authority, oppression and and capitalistic greed.

Bravo for coming up with something original... bravo indeed.

:emaN 2/18/2009

Monkismo, I think you really need to reread the Bible carefully. Jesus was the rebellious type who rejected his father's views. That's why the shirt says Jesus and you say God. And for those who choose to adopt the mildly creepy "I'm my own daddy" view, then there's an obvious multiple personality.

Monkismo 12/4/2008

If you don't think God endorses cold-blooded killing, you haven't read the Bible. It's a catalog of atrocities...

brandon 12/12/2007

i think when jesus said love your enemies he meant dont kill them.

Daniel P. 11/25/2007

The meaning in the original Hebrew had the meaning 'murder' as distinct from killing as the old testament discussed killing criminals and animals and used different words than the commandment.

majikthise 10/15/2007

Actually, it depends on the translation of the bible that you're reading. For instance, the New King James version says "kill"; the New International version says "murder". It's debatable.

Dylan charles 8/1/2007

I love this T-shirt!

Alan S. 1/14/2007

He might bomb the Republician National Convention.

ezra 10/14/2006

The commandment says you shall not murder. Technicality, yes, but good to know in any discussion on the topic.

rebecca 6/14/2006

Growing up catholic, it's amazing to see how hypocritical christians can be!!! The ten commandments said, "thou shall not kill", but we still kill innocent women, children, and men and get no where...

anonymous 2/1/2006

I am a great kid and play tennis and piano

teal 12/3/2005

I wore this to serve communion at church and got chewed out bigtime. Oops. I naively thought everyone would agree with the message.

AndyDissected 9/20/2005

I wore it to this christian concert thing in Orlando and the catholic white middle class adult males gave me dirty looks and I giggled a lot on the inside. I play drums at my church though and everyone thought it was amazing.

Lori 7/13/2005

At a christian school that is so pro-war, I hope to show people that it might not be God's will for a nation to be bombing and killing others.

Meredith 11/4/2004

wear this around your gym teacher & she'll ask if you're a born again christian. a definite must have

pete 10/25/2004

send one to bush..., c.o.d-.curious to his answer.

Kevin 10/4/2004

This is just great.

mandi 9/29/2004

me too

anonymous 3/17/2004

I want this.