holdfast documentary

Hold Fast DVD

by Moxie Marlinspike Author

Moxie walks us through the history of scrappy folks who have built boats before him, back hundreds of years and then whisks us back to the present, where he is part of building the "Pestilence" on the coast of Florida. Their ragged crew of four get it ready to be ocean-faring and then hold through the Bahamas and up to Dominican Republic, weathering surprise storms, deadly turns around cruise ships, fishing, and dropping their anchors manually by swimming them out. It's an incredible voyage and numerous scenes were enough to make me squirm and feel like I was living the experience. It's inspiring when a home-made documentary can be just as satisfying and interesting as anything Hollywood has to offer. This is a must-have.

Update, many years later: Sadly for all of us, Holdfast was never released. If you're craving a sea story, you can read about activism and adventure on the high seas here, find the salty chronicle of a commercial fisherwoman here, and sail down the Mississippi on a skiff made of trash here.

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This movie is super fucking inspiring. You guys are adventuras as hell! This is the real thing. Make no mistake though, they have lots of real sailing experience in their crew. They are not just a bunch of punk asses that went for it on a whim.