walls of sound dvd

Walls of Sound DVD: A Look Inside The House of Records

by David Gracon Author

Like ancient philosophers, the eight or so employees of the House of Sound record store wax on about their views and opinions about the resurgence of vinyl and the importance of the store as both a source of cultural capitol and a historical icon in Eugene, OR. Customers come in all shapes and sizes with all manner of stories to tell, some true, some not. This 64 minute original documentary, about a technology once thought to be antiquated, sheds new light on the sociology and meaning of customer service and connections found in a good record store. The owner seems almost to be taking a detached backseat to his employees, whose vast knowledge connect the dots from records coming in the store, to LPs get cleaned, to customers walking away happily with obscure finds and grins on their faces, citing the importance of the experience of shopping in person with friendly, knowledgeable faces.