A hut with a shovel leaned up against the front entrance.

Sheepherders Almanac III

by kuwa jasiri Author

In a remote high desert in northeastern Arizona, on Navajo lands, is a region called Black Mesa. In the 1960s, Peabody Energy acquired mining leases. You can guess what happened next. This is a story of the people who are working together to resist colonialism, forced relocation, and ecological disaster. And to herd sheep, goats, and horses. By herding, the resistance occupies the land, even as the right to the sheep herders' livelihood is threatened. This Spring 2015 issue is the third annual zine put out by the sheepherders' resistance movement, and its theme is "The Empire Strikes Back" because that's exactly what happened. This compilation tells the story of an indigenous-led movement in English in essays, reporting, poems, and classifieds.