Singer of Nine Shocks Terror with his head thrown back as he sings.

Razorblades & Aspirin: A Hardcore Punk Photozine No. 5

by Michael Thorn Author

There's a certain energy to punk shows that's hard to capture on photo, yet Michael Thorn manages to do that in every issue of Razorblades & Aspirin. In this latest issue, he adds to the vibrancy by printing it in color for the first time!

Featured bands include: Nine Shocks Terror, Physique, Candy, False Figure, Forward, Hag, Harhat, Idioti Civilizzato, Inmates, Khiis, Morus, Negativ, Primer Regimen, Rata Negra, S.H.I.T., Sial, Stigmatism, Tragedy, Tozcos, Ultrarat, U-Nix and more!