Biff #3

by Allie Donahue

"The magazine for kids and their parents", created by a father and daughter team that is stealing many hearts in Portland. You may remember them from "$100 & A T-Shirt" as the wise 9 year old and her stapling dad, who named the zine after a deceased family dog. Writing together we hear both of their voices echoing loud and clear, sharp with personality. Somewhere between Highlights, Dishwasher, and Mother Jones, we hear about some local neighbors who collect things, baseball curses, a woman who owns a hat shop, guesses as to the early history of their house, the "Black Peppercorns" (very young PDX rockers), and more. Always a treat.



"We were bored and we decided together to make a story and then it led to doing the zine," says Allie Donahue about the origin of biff. It may sound like a typical beginning for many magazines but biff is not quite your standard publishing venture. It's full of elementary school drawings, endearing reports from the editors' neighborhood, funny puzzles, and a wide-eyed love for every human and animal. It counts among its influences both Thrasher and Highlights magazine. It's the only zine I can think of whose editors are a 10-year-old girl and her father. "

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