28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine #13

by Christoph Meyer

A carefully crafted and humorous hand done personal zine by a father, philosopher, and Buddhist. This is probably the most exciting issue ever. It's blown up to a larger format with the "trim" piece from the printing, being a separate zine telling stories from his partner's work day, and an Amish man falling dead in the checkout line at Kroger. The primary document here talks about pissing out a fire they had, the joys and intricacies of their new hybrid car, the similarity of the Cleveland police emblem to a pig, a bit about the difference between love and marriage, and Herbie's (their son) love for trains.



I love this writer! He is funny & brilliant & recently won the UTNE Reader Award for Excellence in zines. He deserves it.


My first purchase of this zine and I loved it. I read it twice, lent it once, and read some of it out loud to my dude and our kids. It is extra special!


One of my favorite issues of one of my favorite zines. Christoph is smart and lovable.