Kitchen Calendar (2006)

by Webly Bowles

Webly created a 2006 kitchen calendar. Features include simple meal planning ideas for meals, a record of what you eat each day, a life planner, or to show your roommates what's on the menu each day. Each month features a new recipe plus a few additional ideas for quick meals. January features a Crepes recipe. February features Webly's classic peanut butter surprise cookies. June is a special treat with Strawberry Pie. It's not until September that we get a recipe that is't sweet with Corn Chowder. Fortunately it's followed in October with Tofu Quiche. There's an exciting year of eating ahead for us all. Let's celebrate with this calendar. It can hang on the wall or sit flat.



I like this... I have two of these - Marty -
Allentown Kitchens


Awesome calendar, great for keeping my meal plans for the week organized. The recipes are fantastic, too. Try the quiche!


Webly is a creative cooking genius! I can't say how wonderful and great this calendar is. Buy copies for your friends!


Webly is the best vegan event planner I have ever met in my life. This calendar has completely changed my life for the better. xo


Sounds like a great idea, I'll have to add one to my Microcosm order tomorrow.