Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz

Basic Fermentation: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation

by Sandor Ellix Katz

A very literal guide, "A DIY Guide to Cultural Manipulation" is a great resource for learning to use the microbes around you. Wanna learn how to make your own sourdough? Miso? Beer? Yogurt? Injera (Ethiopian sourdough) bread?!!! It's in this handy dandy and super resourceful guide for fermenting in the comfort of your own home. Yummy home made sour cream! Buttermilk! Cheese and tempeh!!! Double and triple wow your friends and family with the helpful directions on how to ferment your own kimchi and other tasty, briny treats.

This is the original zine written by Sandor Ellix Katz before he went on to become an international fermenting superstar. It's still his most accessible, basic, and pocket-sized guide! 


thu 2/23 10:33am

"invites readers into Katz’s kitchen to try some extra-funky homemade yogurt and fresh-baked sourdough—and to learn the theory, practice, art, and magic of fermentation. Don’t be surprised if you get hooked."



“Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation”


"[I]t reminds us to put a little faith back into the process of fermentation...ultimately, Wild Fermentation is a reminder that fermentation is good for us. Not only good for us, but necessary."



GENIUS! Americans are suffering from yucky guts and this book teaches us how to fix ‘em … simple and basic!

-Joli Forbes, Bamboo Family Magazine


This book marries food preparation and politics. What this is, gloriously and wonderfully so, is an instruction/cook book that very clearly tells you how to ferment and pickle every famous fermented and pickled food, from kimchi to miso to sauerkraut to capers. And like the fermented beverages that are not covered in this book (other than Ethiopian honey wine) this is intoxicating and addictive! Highly recommended for anyone with curiosity, tastebuds and patience.


A way of connecting their different methods in order to understand why fermentation is a Good Thing, and why there should be more of it. The recipes here are starter ones, broad in scope, easy to do, just to get you going.


"While you might not be enthusiastic about the smell of or process involved in making your own sauerkraut, there are plenty of options offered in this zine that are sure to tempt your creative culinary hands. After all, it’s rewarding to be able to easily make enjoyable foods from scratch while saving a few dollars in the process. So go ahead and buy or borrow a copy of this zine, and the even more extensive book, and create some delicious food that’ll have both your mouth and your digestive system singing a happy tune."



I got this for my husband w/o knowing much about it, but it's turned out to be really useful! I didn't know much about the author.. but I stumbled upon this article on the book version of Wild Fermentation.



This is a wonderful cookzine, I'm so glad I got it, lots of great recipes and instructions for all sorts of cultured foods.