Clutch #16

by Clutch McBastard

Clutch is back! And this issues is subtitled "House of the damned" We follow Clutch McBastard back to the year 2003 as he reminds us that the second Iraq war had just begun, he was busy with friends, being a librarian and running a small record label. Then, he got the illfated idea to buy a house. Follow Clutch through adventures and misadventures, his bike getting stolen, Blazers games, out of context quotes and and non sequiters by the usual suspects from Clutch comics, a suspiciously Snakepit looking party, and more!


Whenever I am trying to convert someone to zines I give them a copy of Clutch. It doesn't matter who I give the comic to ... they all instantly get zines and they all love Clutch ... This is a beautifully bound set of comics ... One of my favorite moments is a joke about emo-Hitler which made me giggle.