Thermidor #3

by Kate Duffy

Kate created this typewritten and hand drawn issue while trapped indoors for two months with a broken ankle. It's filled with stories of travel to places like a voodoo village, the Mutant Fest in Washington State, South of the Border and Latvia. There's an interview with a former cult member and a hilarious story about waitstaffing the U.S. Rangers' Ball, Women's Roller Derbies, and a section of found objects.



"I like Kate’s zine. She tells us about visiting Atlantic City and Portland, Ore., going to a horror film festival in Baltimore, and a perspective changing visit to an African-American 'voodoo village.' She interviews a guy who escaped from The Word of Faith Fellowship cult. David tells us about being wait staff at a frightening Airborne Rangers bacchanal. Ends with a recounting of a crazy night with the locals in Riga, Latvia. Zine’s got personality, check it out."


"I love reading zines from Philly (where I live), especially when I've never met the writer. This is a cut and paste, typed up, full of drawings DIY zine. It's mostly travel stories which actually are pretty interesting. Two though stand out more then others to me one of which is about some traditional African village down south which actually seemed really interesting and the other is about meeting crazy, creepy Russian punk type people in Latvia. It's really nice to see such an interesting and well done DIY zine without any pretension to be something arty. Personally my favorite part of the zine though is the found object section because like the author I have my own collection of super strange things that I've collected at the oil cans."