Avow #21

by Keith Rosson

Keith is a fabulous storyteller ever and boy does he have stories to tell! Plenty about being broke beyond broke, getting into brawls, taking care of his friends, getting drunk, male privilege, and having guns pointed at him. This issue is another collection of stories and reviews - teaching preteens to play sports in down and out schools, learning the important rule "don't piss where you eat", atrocious kids on the bus, comic book nerds that turn into total thugs, having to live down the poetry that you write ten years prior, and a loose acquaintence dying. Don't get me wrong though, Keith has some knowledge and understanding kicking around his brain, probably from just kicking planet Earth for awhile and he seems to have learned a lot from the hardcore community, doing artwork for Submission Hold, HeartattaCk, Against Me!, and more! A fun read.