949 Market zine

by Erick Lyle

This zine is about something incredible. It is about a group of punks in SF stumbling upon an abandoned set of buildings and filling them full of beautiful murals...and then having shows inside...and then serving free food to those in need...for four months!!! Until they were shut-down and evicted from their squat. Here in interview format is the absolutely true story of what people can and will do to create the free and open artistic spaces they need. Read this zine and be inspired. Or at least enjoy a well-written zine of our people's history. Contributors include Iggy of Scam zine and Melissa of Inkling zine among many others.



Interesting and, in the end, sad story of a squat. This country desperately needs such spaces, not more freakin' condos.


Packed with grainy black and white photos and interviews with those who saw/worked at/experienced the place, this zine puts you right there in the squat along with the founding members. It is revolutionary. If reading 949 MARKET doesn't inspire you to anarchist notions (with the intent of creating positive social change) I don't know what will.


i reviewed this zine and found it was one of the best things i have ever read. it is a very inspiring read though the outcome, as expected, isn't so happy. it will make you think about all the things you have power to start and the people that could benefit.