Slave to the Needles 2 zine cover

Slave to the Needles #2

by A J Author

Hooray for another great issue of Slave to the Needles! Issue 2 of this knit-centric zine contains interviews with knittin' members of Cursive, Mates of State, Bikini Kill, Tegan & Sara, The Sick Lipstick and more! Aimee covers all the techniques you were curious about, like turning that old sweater into a freshly recycled ball of yarn, as well as some related sewing techniques to take your knit projects to the next level. You can learn to make a beer muff (or coozy to some of y'all!), a flowered bonnet, and adorable pixie underpants--to name a few. What more could you ask for in a zine?



    Love love love the Slave to the Needles zines. Simple projects that aren't too intimidating for a beginner knitter like me, and really cute comics. Funny and thoughtful and well laid out and written.