Dames on Frames #1

Dames on Frames #1

by Lee Penn Author

Dames on Frames calls itself a feminist bike zine, and it strives to articulate the places in which feminism and bike culture overlap. It raises interesting points, like why are only a third of all bike commuters in Bogotá women? Why don't male doctors suggest using cornstarch to sooth bike rash instead of advocating not riding at all? Why does "skill" rank as a higher deterrent for women riders than for male riders? The authors do a great survey where they poll riders on their major deterrents and the results are intriguing! They also provide a comprehensive chart of solutions for the different issues.

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"Dames on Frames: A Feminist Bike Zine is the first in a series of four zines that explore the relationship between feminism and bikes. When Claire Stoscheck was in Bogotá, Colombia — the city that is said to have the most extensive bike paths in the world — she realized that only around 1-2% of the bicycle commuters she saw on the streets were women. Stoscheck began to ask questions about Bogotá's gender gap in bicycle riding, which then led to questions about the relationships between gender and bikes when she went home to the Twin Cities."