Counterbalance: Thoughts on Activism and Mental Health

Counterbalance: Thoughts on Activism and Mental Health

by Kristi

Author Kristi wants to know why activists always seem to burn out mentally, and why they chose to disappear from activist communities. What in our communities keeps us from sticking with it? What makes us withdraw and then afraid to come back? Supposedly we have supportive communities to help us deal with mental health issues, but what does that mean exactly? Do we really? This zine presents some questions and discussions to get your mind working around these ever prevalent issues.



those comments are from my co-worker at Left Bank and my mom! sweet! funny! email me about the zine:


thanks for writing this... it put into words what I have been feeling. So...I'm not alone.


very very very well written. Reading this is like a hug for your brain when you're feeling overwhelmed.