The Rainbow Connection: Richard Hunt, Gay Muppeteer

The Rainbow Connection: Richard Hunt, Gay Muppeteer

by Jessica Max Stein Author

Max (of Long Walk Back to Myself zine) has compiled a a heap of information about the life of Richard Hunt, a Muppet puppeteer who worked on Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and a myriad of other Henson projects. Richard began his work with Muppets at 18, and continued on until his death from AIDS in 1992. He voiced the characters Beaker, Scooter, Gladys the Cow, Janice, Statler (heckling from the Muppet Show's balcony) and many others. It's a celebration of Richard Hunt's career, and his contribution to the world through his work. Max also profiles some of the lesser known female Muppeteers, and discusses the general effect of Muppets on the world. The whole zine is well put together and thoroughly researched.

Although hard to see in the photo, the covers are orange with gold glitter sparkles.

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Just to clarify, Blossom. Not all of Microcosm is straight. Making the Queer members of Microcosm invisible hurts my feelings. Plus, the fact that Richard Hunt was gay is in the title. With that said, this zine is one of my faves. Read it!


Thanks so much for this. Richard was a remarkable human being in so many ways. Your work was a joy to read and I'm glad others now have a chance to know him a little better.


It's so great to see a tribute to Muppet performer Richard Hunt, definitely a long time coming. :)

Here is my own Blog entry dedicated to Richard Hunt:


"Must read if you’re a Muppet fan." -- Xerography Debt


I LOVED this zine! Thanks, Max, for profiling one of my gay heroes! Surprised there's nothing about that in this blurb -- oh well I guess Microcosm is pretty straight. Glad they distro your zine!! Awesome!