Somnambulist #15

Somnambulist #15

by Martha Grover

Issue #15 of the long-running Somnambulist is an interesting one. Martha had to move in with her family due to ongoing health problems, and took the opportunity to record their weekly family meetings. She lives with her parents, and 4 of her 7 siblings, and their interactions range from peaceful discussions about compost, to accusations about who always leaves the lights on. It's hard to do this zine justice, because what I'm describing sounds sort of average. But the end result is a fascinating look at how people and especially families communicate. 



    I'm a long time fan of Martha's writing, and this zine is one of my favorites. The dialogue between Martha and her family members over chores and shared living spaces is funny enough to make you laugh out loud, but also crisply poignant in depicting the idiosyncrasies and vulnerabilities that are often revealed when people are in their most familiar company. I lent it to my roommate and she devoured it in less than an hour and then wanted to borrow more of Martha's work. Support this great artist!