As Soon As You're Born You're Made to Feel Small

by Various

Reprint of the classic collection of liberation articles for kids. From theory, to motherhood, to school, to resistance, and beyond. A vital introduction to a largely ignored topic.



This zine gives you a lot to think about. Anyone will enjoy this one.


Thanks everso for restocking, this has pointed out a few things I didn't know before and further resolved my commitment to the anti ageism movement. What a horribly clunky phrase that was. The copy I've got's been photocopied a few too many times to be clear in places, the back page is very nearly unreadable, but the content's priceless. I reccomend this zine here to anyone looking for a cause to champion or anyone in need of a couple more arguments against age discrimination against the young.


I'd really like to look through a copy of this, if anyone's got one that they don't much want anymore and is willing to send it to Tasmania I'd be very happy to trade. I've not got many zines yet but I can sew and make a couple of sorts of circus equipment.Willing to pay postage, too. Ta muchly if you help.


Really interesting; a good read