You Who Hear Tell the Others: An Anti-Civ Travel Story

You Who Hear Tell the Others: An Anti-Civ Travel Story

by Finn

The author of this zine claims they were heavily influenced by the writings of Derrick Jensen and it shows. Kit is a scruffy traveling punk girl, constantly reflecting on and evolving from her experiences. She starts out declaring her decisions to stop showering, and to live a nomadic lifestyle. Much later in her life, she muses that her early politics were silly compared to where she's eventually ended up. Kit transforms from a young woman convinced that solar panels will save the world, to an angry and passionate woman who acts on her beliefs. She rescues a former lab animal, a puppy, and nurtures it back to health. Road relationships abound throughout most of this story, as Finn attempts to stave off bitterness and let other people into her life. You Who Hear is a romantic yet realistic travel zine with a grudge toward concrete and the trappings of modern American society.



One of my favs! I want to buy a ton to hand out :)


i want to buy this!


This zine is wonderful!!!