Chainbreaker #5

Chainbreaker #5

by Shelley Lynn Jackson Author

This zine may make you cry. It will definitely make you want to spend more time with those you love. Shelley breaks away from the bike-centric theme in order to work through some "tough shit." She isn't exaggerating. Shelley sat down to write about those close to her that have died. In the course of writing, more friends and family members die. It is a lot to take in and in her desperation for understanding and clarity, Shelley writes beautifully--allowing the reader to feel a connection to those in her life and in their own. Shelley doesn't offer any advice about how to deal with death. It isn't even clear that she found the answers she was searching for. But you'll turn the last page feeling a little more at ease and a lot more in love.



    “Whoa, mega heavy zine about death. I guess this is usually about bikes but the lady that writes it has been running into a lot of dealth around her as of late; these are all the stories of them. It's straight forward and intense, 40 pages of just text, definitely cathartic, but pretty draining.”