Syndicate Product #13

Syndicate Product #13

by AJ Michel

As a serious pop-culture devotee, I'm excited to veg out with this issue of Syndicate Product. It's a collection of various zinester's odes to television, and includes the following stuff:

File Under What Were We Thinking? - A person of color recalls play-acting as characters from the Civil War miniseries North and South with her other non-caucasian friends when they were kids.

Jethro, Granny, and Me - Realizing that although mostly unwatchable, the Beverly Hillbillies gave us a diy hero in Granny

TV is Dead, Long Live TV - DVR and TV on DVD have changed what it means to have a TV

Pleasantly Neutral - TV isn't the greatest evil, or the greatest technological advancement. It just is.

TV: The Early Days - An older zinester recalls getting their first TV and how it replaced their family's radio

Radio on the TV - How certain songs will always be linked to very special episodes of your favorite show

Witnessing 9/11 From Overseas - An American overseas stays glued to a black and white TV unearthed from the attic.

TV Party! - Obsessive taping of your favorite shows, and discovering you can replace your whole VHS collection with itunes.

Telenovela Lovers, Unite! - Come on, you know you watch them!

Once You've Had 32 Inches, You Can't Go Back - An ode to a big screen TV

TV Fun Facts - Funny commentary on all the author's favorite shows

In the Land of the Rising Eggplant: Endurance, Torture, Pain, and Japanese Reality TV - A look at some of the more outrageous Japanese gameshows ever made.

Dr. Farnsworth, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Television - About the changing quality of television over time, and the current wealth of excellent programming as compared to decades past.