Zen and the Art of Brownie Baking

by Joshua Kahn Russell

A map to the brownie revolution! Illustrates socio/political issues and subcultural interaction through talking about Josh's passion: making and eating brownies. It goes on to diagnose brownie politics, the ultimate brownie recipes (vegan ones, too!), some mutant brownie creations of his own (such as brownie pancakes and brownie/cadbury creme sandwhiches). Also gives advice on brownie mixes and pre-packaged brownies, for those of us who too busy or lazy to start from scratch. Also includes a fabulous hand-stenciled poster that declares "I LOVE BROWNIES!"



I bought this zine at a bookstore 3 years ago and this have never made brownies any other way since. The fudge brownie recipe is really quick to make and the taste and texture are absolutely mind blowing. Every person who has eaten them in my presence has been amazed. thank you josh!


I got really excited about brownies after reading Josh's zine. This kid is really into brownies. I'm talkin' HARDCORE. Josh explains that he makes them about three times a week, which in my mind qualifies him as an expert. He parallels brownies to punk rock, writes about brownies as part of the revolution, the brownie revolution, ethics in regards to eggs… He's a brownie purist (no bells and whistles in his 8" x 8" baking pan, thank you very much) and when it comes to texture says this: "Brownies should be fudgy, not cakelike. If you want cakelike brownies, eat some fucking cake."
Hell yeah.


The best zine I have ever read...and you can quote me on that.