tiebreaker #1: low-level terrorist

tiebreaker #1: low-level terrorist

by E. Chris Lynch

Despite being our co-worker, Chris still finds time to put out a fully developed zine of his own. He draws some impressive extrapolations from the definitions of "terrorist" and the way laws protect the companies who exploit animals—most notably that profits are valued higher than violence or human life where "terrorist" definitions or sentencing is concerned. For example, hurting the profits of a mink farm can receive a harsher sentence than murdering someone. So activism that is effective is, in effect, terrorism. He spends a good amount of ink showing just how many examples of this there are, how ridiculous it is, and some particularly grievous examples of terrorists that need spied on—hosts of vegan potlucks and a man who fell in love with an FBI agent who manipulated his emotions. There's also extensive coverage of two people arrested on federal charges for rearranging furniture on the lawn of an I-69 contractor's office and an article on activist street theatre.



"The entire zine is readable, smart, and thoughtfully produced with a clean and complimentary design aesthetic that incorporates illustrations and comics. If future issues maintain this level of attention and consistency, tiebreaker can be a compelling read for years to come."